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A simplified FAQ for dryer vent cleaning! Here you will get the right answers to your questions. Are you wondering about the dangers of concentrated lint in the dryer? Find out what to do about it and how to maintain the HVAC units.

My dryer is full of lint; is it dangerous?

Clothes dryers disgorge out lint and dust aside from hot air. These get stuck inside the dryers’ ductwork. According to experts at Air Duct Cleaning Encino, the accumulation of these lint and dust in the ductwork can be a fire hazard if not addressed immediately. Like all air ducts, clothes dryers need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the fast and hazardous accumulation of lint that may affect their performance.

How do I regularly maintain my HVAC units?

Like all other things you use, you have to do some maintenance check up on your HVAC units to make sure that everything is okay. Initially you have to do a thorough clean up of air ducts, vents and filters as these parts get dirty the most. When these parts get too dirty they become hazardous especially to your family’s health. Check for leaks and repairs and replacement.

How is air quality tested?

Air quality is generally measured by the value of ppm or parts per million. This stands for the concentration or density of particles suspended in the air. A higher ppm connotes a more polluted atmosphere. Air also has different important measures, such as humidity, pressure, and temperature.

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