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Need to have your ducts professionally cleaned

Cleaning the air duct of your home requires using the right tools and procedures. Discover the best tips for cleaning ducts here.

HVAC unit cleaning for restaurant

Restaurant dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning is necessary to promote air quality in the structure. Dirt that accumulates on the ducts would flow with the air that both the employees and the customers breathe. Not only is this hazardous to health, this can also cause strain on the HVAC system and decrease its efficiency. This is why air ducts must be cleaned regularly.

Lessening dirt accumulation on air ducts

Air Duct Cleaning Encino experts recommend various steps that you can do to lessen the volume of dirt that builds up on your air ducts. This includes using high quality filters as recommended by your HVAC manufacturer, replacing them on a regular basis or when they get dirty, as well as ensuring that they fit right on the holder.

Test the indoor air quality often

If you use the HVAC system a lot, air quality testing is necessary to take place a couple of times annually. It will show whether your environment is contaminated with particles, which may have terrible effects on your health, and stop it with air duct cleaning.

Keep your clients happy

If you have a dry cleaner, work as a hotel manager or own a restaurant, make sure dryer vents are clean. Commercial dryer vent cleaning will ensure that the dryers will dry the clothes properly and the odors of restaurant kitchens will not reach other parts of the establishment.

Keep the HVAC system protected from pollen

Pollen is an extremely dangerous allergen so effective protection is essential. You should not keep trees producing pollen in your yard and maintain all air filters in excellent condition at all times. Use netting for windows which are regularly opened or stay open for long times.

Try hi-tech air duct cleaning

UV air filtering kills even the smallest airborne germs and microbes. This process ensures that the air you breathe is completely safe and uncontaminated. It is helpful particularly for those with asthma, strong allergies, or those who are simply sensitive to dirty air and contaminants.

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